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Sustainable Development Products - Fluorine-free Waterproof Finishing

Editor:Zhejiang Taihua New Materials Co., Ltd. │ Release Time:2018-12-11 

Fluorine-free Waterproof Finishing

— Completely free of PFOA, PFOS, green, environmentally friendly, safe, is a good alternative to fluorocarbon waterproofing agent;

— Used alone and with good waterproof effect;

— At the same time, it has waterproof and washable effects;

— With anti-siphon, hydrostatic pressure and anti-penetration effects;

— Used alone or in addition, it has a good washable effect.

Note: PFOA and PFOS have become environmental concerns, mainly because these two substances are extremely persistent and are the most difficult to decompose organic pollutants. They are easy to accumulate in the environment and organisms, and have environmental pollutants with multiple organs and toxicities. .